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Our mission with our training program is to ensure each and every student leaves our program confident to work on clients on their own. Our students’ success is our success.

Our Mission

We strive to train and certify students who feel confident and empowered to start their Permanent Makeup journey. That is why all of our classes are private 1 on 1, as we feel this is the best way to teach such a delicate technique. Our students’ success is very important to us and that is why our students have a lifetime access to us after their classes. We allow all of our students to come back within 6 months of their training to shadow Amani working free of charge.

Our Classes

We offer training courses on microblading, microshading, ombre brows, lip blush and brow lamination. All of our courses are private 1 on 1 taught by Amani where you will learn all the techniques she has learned throughout the years. All courses come with a full kit with everything you need to start working on clients.

Classes include PMU fundamentals including color theory, color correction, sanitation, tools, how to use a tattoo machine, practicing on synthetic skin, regulations and how to apply for your license, our special marketing technique to attain clients, etc. and hands on with a model with Amani’s supervision. All students are encouraged to come back after their class within 6 months and shadow Amani for a day free of charge.

*2-Day 1 on 1 Ombre Training: $3,600

*2-Day 1 on 1 Microblading & Shading Training: $3,600

*3-Day 1 on 1 Microblading & Shading and Ombre Training(with 2 models): $6,000

*1-Day 1 on 1 Lip Blush Training: $2,500

*4-Day 1 on 1 Microblading & Shading, Ombre, and Lip Blush Training(with 3 models): $8,000